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Customer Care Conference & Expo 2023

Customer Care Conference & Expo 2023


Welcome to the world of Customer Care in 2023!

In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, Customer Care has become more crucial than ever before. With the advent of new technologies and the rise of customer expectations, companies must go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service.

Businesses must prioritize their customers' needs by adopting a customer-centric approach to their operations. This involves not only providing top-notch support services but also leveraging technology and data analytics to gain insights into customers' behavior, preferences, and needs.

The Customer Care market in 2023 is characterized by an increasing demand for personalized, omnichannel customer experiences and companies need to be able to interact with customers across multiple touchpoints, including social media, mobile devices, chatbots, and voice assistants.


PEOPLE: Empathy in employee experience and management ·        
Employee burnout prevention tactics ·        
Employee experience as a differentiating factor in the war for talent ·        
Organizational mental health ·        
How AX (Agent Experience) can drive your business  

BUSINESS: Strategies for CX consistency and quality assurance
2023-2024 industry forecasts, challenges and opportunities ·        
Lessons learned from breakthrough large-scale CX transformations ·        
Strategies for achieving operational excellence to drive CX ·        
Creating an effective infinite loop of customer feedback and behaviour tracking ·        
What strategies will futureproof your contact centre? ·       
The power of empathy for customer care during market crisis  

TECHNOLOGY: Automation and AI
Exploring the future of CX automation ·        
Technology optimisation to support the post-pandemic customer service journeys of today ·        
How chatbots are changing our world: AI-powered customer care vs. human interaction ·        
Optimizing for omnichannel operations  

general business areas

Telecom | Finance | IT&C | Healthcare | Utilities | Human Resources | Consultancy | Marketing | Research | Law | Audit | Retail | FMCG


  • Diana Stafie
  • Florina Dobre
  • Dan Mazilu
  • Alin Rosca
  • Mihaela Jurje
  • Kerry Sherman
  • Sergiu Pop
  • Patrick Ort
  • Liviu Ionescu
  • Mihai Bran
  • Aryana Popescu
  • Bogdan Rosu
  • Madalina Vilau
  • Anca Cirstian
  • Alexandra Ilie
  • Liliana Dumitru
  • Mihaela Apostoleanu
  • Andreea Szilagyi, Ph.D.
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Why to attend

Get access to 2022-2023 real-life business cases and practical insights. ·        
See where the local Customer Care industry is heading.
Find new ways to improve culture.
Share ideas and get answers straight from the niche experts you respect.
Enjoy great networking and strategic talks 
Learn how innovation can work for your Customer Care team
Empower the customer care industry, and genuinely support your community.

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