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Customer Care Conference & Expo 2021

Customer Care Conference & Expo 2021


2020 has taught about the value of foresight, innovation and agile customer service. 2021-2022 will keep accelerating the digital transformation, and with that the sense of uncertainty.  

How do we navigate the unknown to empower our customer care force? TOGETHER. This is the action-mindset we need more than ever.

There is a way to turn obstacles into growth, and we’re going to explore it together at the 16th Customer Care Conference & Expo edition.
Get ready to dive deeper into Digital Engagement for the New Normal, and into Hybrid business models! We’ve lined up down-to-market solutions and best practices to strategically steer your customer service operations away from the tides, towards safe, and rewarding sailing.


  • Customer centric remote operations
  • AI-powered customer care versus human interaction
  • Employee burnout prevention tactics
  • Hybrid customer care operations – returning to the office after COVID-19
  • 2021-2022 industry forecasts, challenges and opportunities 
  • The power of empathy for customer care during market crisis
  • Agile, omnichannel operations for an everchanging customer service industry
  • Customer expectations pre and post pandemic
  • The importance of AX (Agent Experience) and employer culture programs
  • Crisis business process outsourcing
  • Customer foresight tools and strategies
  • Business continuity solutions for unpredictable market dynamics
  • Organisational mental health

general business areas

Telecom | Finance | IT&C | Healthcare | Utilities | Human Resources | Consultancy | Marketing | Research | Law | Audit | Retail | FMCG


  • Patrik Ort
  • Ana-Cosmina Popescu
  • Nicoleta Iancu
  • Mihaela Apostoleanu
  • Gabriel Prefac
  • Florin Tudor
  • Cosmin Tudor
  • Bogdan Vizitiu
  • Florina Dobre
  • Nansi Lungu
  • Horia Cucu
  • Traian Rebedea
  • Serban Oarza
  • Delia Iliasa
  • Yolanda Cretescu
  • Jeni Grigorescu
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Why to attend

The customer care industry is facing many challenges in times of crisis, with difficult customer calls increasing up to 100% during the pandemic (source Harvard Business Review).
According to Gartner, only 13% of customers received proactive service in 2020, and the majority rated the proactive inquiries as “valuable” | 85%. It’s time to take back control with clever operational solutions and insights! It’s time to revive the customer care culture we spent years to build and nurture.

  • Get access to 2020-2021 real-life business cases and practical insights.
  • See where the local customer care industry is heading.
  • Find new ways to improve productivity and team culture.
  • Access clever workshop, share ideas and get answers straight from the niche experts you respect.
  • Enjoy great networking and strategic talks in an unconventional conference setting.
  • Rediscover the rewards of face-to-face interaction and recharge at our cocktail gathering.
  • Learn how innovation can work for your customer care team, not against it.
  • Empower the customer care industry, and genuinely support your community.

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