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Romanian Healthcare Conference & Expo 2022

Romanian Healthcare Conference & Expo 2022


The global telehealth market is expected to go from $80.53 billion in 2021 to $102.42 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.2%. The change in growth trend is mainly due to the companies stabilizing their output after catering to the demand that grew exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.

The market is expected to reach $271.69 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 27.6%. Technologies comprise streaming media, teleconferencing, web, store-and-forward imaging, terrestrial and wireless communications.

Europe’s telehealth market accounted for $6,185.4 million health expenditures in 2019 and will grow by 18.9% annually over 2020-2030 owing to shortage of physicians, advancements in telecommunications, and need to expand healthcare access and improve healthcare quality amid COVID-19 pandemic and staying-at-home orders.  


Healthcare reform – data privacy, regulations and legislation.
Public health trends, challenges and opportunities.
Change management & adaptive operational processes for cost efficiency.
Population health overview in Europe – Romania focus.
Workforce optimization & performance management.
The private healthcare sector – market dynamics and patient care solutions.
Transformational leadership principles and patient-centric culture models.
Case studies and best practices in times of crisis – COVID-19 pandemic focus.  


Patience experience – UX, usability & user-centered design.
Patient satisfaction measurement , CX and loyalty strategies.
Patient accessibility and safety tools in Eastern Europe.
Science and discovery – studies, pharma and treatment breakthroughs.
The role of health simulation for quality medcare and team performance.
CSR and social programs for disadvantaged communities.
Mental and behavioural health awareness and prevention programs.
The rise of the home care paradigm in the digital era.  


Emerging healthcare technologies & applications.
Digital transformation and foresight strategies in the health industry.
The Blockchain era – cybersecurity, e-health records and supply chain management.
Telehealth innovation – impact, adoption challenges and predictions.
Prevention through smart wellbeing and fitness wearables.
AI & machine learning in the medcare sector.
The future of medical ecosystems – connecting smart cities with private and public healthcare.

general business areas

Private Health | IT&C | Customer Care | Pharma | Public Health | Retail | Consultancy | Finance | Law | Audit | Research | Marketing | Government | Education | Training | Transport | E-commerce | Media | HR | BPO


  • Andreea Szilagyi, Ph.D.
  • Barry L. Jackson, Ph.D.
  • Mihaela van der Schaar, Ph.D.
  • Razvan Predica
  • Oana Vasile
  • George Niculcea
  • Vlad Anciu
  • Alin Rosca
  • Ana Maria Onica
  • Ana-Maria Melinte
  • Simona Cernea
  • Rozalina Lapadatu
  • Robert Serban
  • Florentina Tomoiu
  • Catrinel Hagivreta Djafari
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