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Customer Care Conference & Expo 2022

Customer Care Conference & Expo 2022


The pandemic enforced a huge shift for strategic agendas, business cultures and operational architectures, putting the customer in the driver’s seat and CX at the center, world wide.
Where do we go from here, what did the Romanian customer care market learn in 2021-2022?  
Time for an unconventional business dive! The 17th Customer Care Conference & Expo Edition is lining up the hottest CX topics and practical lessons directly from the best in the field, on June 9-10th 2022, in Bucharest. End goal?
Marketing Insiders Group’s core objective is for you to gear up and face market challenges head on, to keep your growth stable in unstable times.
Change and crisis management are here to stay.

  • With Gen Z holding the largest share of purchasing power, it’s likely that by 2025, nine dollars of every $10 will be spent on the digital experience versus phone/voice.
  • Frost & Sullivan forecasts enterprises’ use of customer behaviour analytics to grow by 20% until 2025.
  • More than half of consumers say automated telephone systems are the worst part of poor customer service.
  • 49% of consumers have left a brand in the past year due to poor customer experience. (Sources: Emplifi, WNS).


  • Employee burnout prevention tactics.
  • Business continuity solutions for unpredictable market dynamics.
  • The power of empathy for customer care during market crisis.
  • Customer centric remote operations. 
  • AI-powered customer care versus human interaction.
  • Hybrid customer care operations.
  • 2022-2023 industry forecasts, challenges and opportunities.
  • Agile, omnichannel operations for an everchanging customer service industry
  • Customer expectations pre and post pandemic.
  • The importance of AX (Agent Experience) and employer culture programs.
  • Crisis business process outsourcing.
  • Customer foresight tools and strategies.
  • Organisational mental health

general business areas

Telecom | Finance | IT&C | Healthcare | Utilities | Human Resources | Consultancy | Marketing | Research | Law | Audit | Retail | FMCG


  • Andreea Szilaghy, Ph.D.
  • Mihai Dragnea
  • Dan Mazilu
  • Yolanda Cretescu
  • Tatiana Pascale
  • Alin Rosca
  • Madalina Vilau
  • George Tarida
  • Luiza Banyai
  • Tudor Juravlea
  • Catalin Vasile
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Why to attend

Get access to 2021-2022 real-life business cases and practical insights.
See where the local customer care industry is heading.
Find new ways to improve  team culture.
Access clever workshop, share ideas and get answers straight from the niche experts you respect.
Enjoy great networking and strategic talks in an unconventional conference setting.
Learn how innovation can work for your customer care team, not against it.
Empower the customer care industry, and genuinely support your community.

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