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Romanian Healthcare Conference & Expo 2023 | 2nd Edition

Romanian Healthcare Conference & Expo 2023 | 2nd Edition


Globally, the health care sector is under pressure to reduce health care spending while increasing quality of care; hospital margins are currently declining.  

If health care systems don’t step up their prevention and monitoring programs, by 2048, NCDs (including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease) are projected to cause 86% of global deaths.  

The global AI in healthcare market is expected to grow to nearly $137 billion by 2029. The usage of AI-enabled  tools could help increase the productivity of healthcare workers by 40%, on average.  

The telehealth market is estimated to reach $271.69 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 27.6%. The usage rate of telemedicine among patients increased from 11% to 46% during the pandemic, and 76% of patients stated they will continue to use these solutions in the future.     



·         Critical insights and prevention-first strategies.
·         National Plan to Combat Cancer (PNCC) 


The latest healthcare reform developments – regulations and legislation.
 Public health trends, challenges and opportunities. Value-Based Care models, reimbursement challenges and cost impact. Population health overview in Europe – Romania focus. Navigating staffing challenges and providing programs to support caregivers. The private healthcare sector – market dynamics and patient care solutions. Transformational leadership principles and patient-centric culture models. Case studies and best practices for elevated PX and efficient processes.

Patient satisfaction measurement, CX and loyalty strategies. Physician and nursing communication in the PX journey. Next-level digital health benefits for employees (mental health, fertility, etc.). Patient accessibility and safety tools in Eastern Europe. CSR and social programs for disadvantaged communities. Mental and behavioural health awareness programs. Advocating patient rights and empowerment in hospitals. Patience experience – UX, usability & user-centred design.
The rise of the home care paradigm in the digital era.  


Future of medical imaging and other revolutionary tech innovations.
 Using Digital Therapeutics (DTx) responsibly: advantages and limitations. The Blockchain era – cybersecurity, e-health records and supply chain management. Telehealth innovation – impact, adoption challenges and predictions. The rise of home care and wellbeing through smart health and fitness wearables. AI & machine learning for optimised prevention and monitoring in the medcare sector. The future of medical ecosystems – connecting smart cities with healthcare. Supply chain solutions for the New Normal increasing tech demand.  


general business areas

Private Health | IT&C | Customer Care | Pharma | Public Health | Retail | Consultancy | Finance | Law | Audit | Research | Marketing | Government | Education | Training | Transport | E-commerce | Media | HR | BPO    
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Why to attend

We designed an insightful and interactive space where health leaders and professionals can meet, learn, collaborate and reshape the future of the medical sector.  

Strategic networking 
– interact with industry experts and target business partners.

Brand awareness  – get relevant exposure and strengthen your reputation.
Business insights – see where the market is going from the best in the field.
Community support – help your niche industry grow and evolve.
Best practices – get inspired by success stories and innovative tools.
Competitive knowledge – access customer insights for profitable strategies.
Team incentive – motivate your team with a memorable event experience.  

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