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Enlightening Business Yoga

Enlightening Business Yoga


Get inspired by the courage of the those who leap their way into history. Experience what authentic leadership is made of.
It’s time for a meta business perspective!
The clock is ticking. Get a business class seat and get ready for greatness!


Here are our key conference areas:
  • People- It’s all about knowing human value.
  • Strategy- Think strategy or else! Play to win, not to survive!
  • Innovation- Different is the only way to go. Be the game!
  • Leadership- Stand out, lead your way!

general business areas

Corporate lines:
• Top management
• Middle management
General business areas:
•sales & new business;
•human resources;


Event registration

Why to attend

You experience the most innovative and effective way to grow your business. What’s in it for me
•great incentive for you & your team;
•proactivity boost;
•improved sales skills & attitude;
•outstanding people engagement;
•competitive drive & inspiration;
•international business insights & trends;
•top management networking & sales leads;
•relevant case studies & benchmarks;
•expert know-how from remarkable leaders;
•organizational transformation guidelines;
•modern leadership tools;
brand awareness.