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Romanian Healthcare Conference & Expo 2024

Romanian Healthcare Conference & Expo 2024


Navigating profitability under value-based care: Exploring how value-based care influence the financial health of medical care.
Optimizing supply chain in the tech-driven landscape: Managing supply dynamics and cost-efficiency amid technology demands.
Addressing climate change as a healthcare priority: Recognizing climate change as a concern that requires industry attention.
Balancing workforce expenses amidst shifting dynamics: Managing the rising costs associated with salaries, retirements, and turnover.
Elevating patient care in modern healthcare: Optimizing patient care and customer experience management for evolving expectations.
Embracing rapid technological changes: Adapting quickly to new technologies and shifting patient behaviors.
Crafting effective marketing in the crowded digital environment: Developing efficient sales and marketing strategies to stand out in the digital sphere.
Confronting the mental health and chronic disease epidemic: Strategizing to manage the burgeoning crisis.


Updates in healthcare reform, including new regulations and laws.
Emerging public health trends, challenges, and opportunities.
Deep dive into Value-Based Care, reimbursement issues, and cost effects.
Strategies for tackling staffing challenges and caregiver support programs.
Dynamics in the private healthcare sector and innovative patient care solutions.
Key case studies on improving patient experience and streamlining operations.  

Best practices in patient satisfaction, experience, and loyalty methodologies.
Improving communication skills among physicians and nurses for better patient experience.

Advanced digital health benefits, including mental health and fertility support.
Enhancing patient access and safety innovations in Eastern Europe.
Programs to elevate mental and behavioral health awareness.
Focus on patient experience through UX, usability, and user-centered design principles  

Strategies for integrating preventive care into routine patient interactions.
Utilizing health data analytics for early detection and prevention of chronic diseases.
Developing community-based programs to promote preventive health education.
Implementing nutritional and lifestyle intervention programs as prevention methods.
Enhancing vaccination programs and public health campaigns.
Expanding screenings and early detection services for high-risk populations.

Advancements in medical imaging and breakthrough technological innovations.
Ethical deployment of Digital Therapeutics: exploring benefits and constraints.
Blockchain advancements in cybersecurity, digital health, and supply chain efficiency.
Telehealth advancements: evaluating its impact, adoption barriers, and future outlook.
Leveraging AI & machine learning for superior preventive care and patient monitoring.
Developing medical ecosystems that link smart cities with healthcare services

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