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The Conference Arena experts define national quality standards regarding conference and event organization. Our mission is to provide a unique experience for our participants, represented by added value on both professional and personal levels.

Speakers conference participation:

  • The quality of a presentation is mostly based on its structure and content, as well as on technical clarity and functionality regarding screen projection. Therefore, it is important that speakers send the final version of the presentation to the organizer, before the event, according to the established deadline. Tests for smooth presentation running are made together with the organizer, at the agreed place and time.
  • Optimal presentation running throughout the event is a complex process. One day before the event, the organizer establishes the final technical details, during a dedicated meeting together with the speakers. All speakers take part in this meeting.
  • The organizer arranges a special speaker area, aiming to encourage participants to interact directly with the speakers, by easily identifying them in the conference room.
  • Speaker presence in the conference room is appreciated and requested by participants also outside the scheduled speech hours. Speakers are present in the conference room at least one hour before their speaking time.

Presentation structure, content and format:

  • The event’s general topic and the presented subjects are set by the organizer. Speakers choose a topic from the presented suggestion list, which they consider familiar. Changing the presentation topic is only possible until the event promotion campaign starts.
  • The presentation content complies with the topic organizer’s topics.
  • The speech is designed to provide added value for both professional and personal experiences of the event audience.
  • The technical details and level of complexity of the speaker presentation is adapted to the audience profile.
  • The speech length, including the Q&A session, is agreed with the organizer when choosing the topic.
  • Following the organizer’s instructions during the presentation, the speaker adjusts the rhythm of his speech and respects the time frame, according to the conference agenda.
  • The presentation format is recommended to be dynamic, aiming to capture the audience attention and interest (PowerPoint, Prezi etc.).
  • The structure of the presentation should be easy to follow, carefully considering the font size, the used color, the slide “crowding”/”noise” level, multimedia quality etc.
  • The number of presentation slides must not exceed 15.
  • Speaker interactively holds the presentation, keeping the audience’s attention alive through interaction, by avoiding linear/monotonous voice tones or static positions in terms of verbal and nonverbal communication.