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Customer Care Conference & Expo 2023


PEOPLE: Empathy in employee experience and management ·        
Employee burnout prevention tactics ·        
Employee experience as a differentiating factor in the war for talent ·        
Organizational mental health ·        
How AX (Agent Experience) can drive your business  

BUSINESS: Strategies for CX consistency and quality assurance
2023-2024 industry forecasts, challenges and opportunities ·        
Lessons learned from breakthrough large-scale CX transformations ·        
Strategies for achieving operational excellence to drive CX ·        
Creating an effective infinite loop of customer feedback and behaviour tracking ·        
What strategies will futureproof your contact centre? ·       
The power of empathy for customer care during market crisis  

TECHNOLOGY: Automation and AI
Exploring the future of CX automation ·        
Technology optimisation to support the post-pandemic customer service journeys of today ·        
How chatbots are changing our world: AI-powered customer care vs. human interaction ·        
Optimizing for omnichannel operations  


  • Diana Stafie
  • Florina Dobre
  • Dan Mazilu
  • Alin Rosca
  • Mihaela Jurje
  • Kerry Sherman
  • Sergiu Pop
  • Patrick Ort
  • Liviu Ionescu
  • Mihai Bran
  • Aryana Popescu
  • Bogdan Rosu
  • Madalina Vilau
  • Anca Cirstian
  • Alexandra Ilie
  • Liliana Dumitru
  • Mihaela Apostoleanu
  • Andreea Szilagyi, Ph.D.

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