Mobile Advertising Congress: Get ready for the 2015 Mobile Industry boom

2014 was the year when mobile marketing industry stopped being the next big thing and became The Big Thing. According to several recent reports, mobile advertising is the place to be in 2015, considering that this year mobile becomes The Best Thing.

Predictions on how we will interact with our mobile devices and how they interact with us are often overplayed but their implementation takes much longer than initially thought, because of unforeseen market forces, technology constraints or poor user adoption.

But, let’s have a reality check! You certainly are Mobile and so is everyone you know. This is the reason why Conference Arena, part of Marketing Insiders Group, organizes on March 31st together with Vodafone as main sponsor, the 7th edition of Mobile Advertising Congress.

Making a summary of the latest studies, here are some mobile marketing trends which we will face in the following years and will also be the Mobile Advertising Congress focus this year:

Better targeted marketing

Location technology has improved a lot this year, so companies can not only target their audiences better, but they now have the capability of targeting individuals, bringing up to front a more personal business approach. Through location technology and knowing a user’s mobile history, businesses can target each user with relative mobile apps and sites, considering the user’s needs and preferences.

Mobile Security – rises up the agenda

Considering that we faced some very high profile hacks this year, security is going to be at the forefront in the minds of consumers and developers. With the growth of Internet of Things connected devices set to rocket as well, 2015 could be the most critical year yet for addressing the issue of mobile security.

Mobile Ecommerce – shifting the focus from market share to engagement

Ecommerce giants have been adapting quite fast to the mobile world. So, what shift should we expect in m-commerce in 2015? Engagement Campaigns via deep linking will take off! Deep links are used in engagement campaigns because this allows ecommerce apps to advertise an actual item instead of the ecommerce app by itself. By essentially bringing cross-devices retargeting to the equation, we are all going to see how retailers report more and more acquisitions via mobile devices, as claimed by

Global mobile commerce is growing fast, despite still being somewhat fragmented, complex and full of challenges. Global mobile transactions are averaging 42% annual growth in volume and value between 2011 and 2016, and a market worth $617 with 448 million users has been forecasted by 2015. Worldwide mobile payments are predicted to reach $1 trillion by 2017, according to Digital Portal.

Worldwide mobile payment trends

The common thread running through our top marketing trends for 2015 is mobile commerce. 2015 will bring the evolution of mobile commerce and become a trusted channel for consumers. The number of mobile coupon users is forecasted to reach 1.05 billion by 2019, up from just under 560 million in 2014, according to Juniper Research.

More information regarding the topics and the speakers of the event are available on Mobile Advertising Congress 2015’s website. The main purpose of the event is to bring up to the front the latest trends in mobile marketing and to come up with practical solutions to maximize the potential that this communication platform has to offer.